BENZITHANE 300Two-Pack Polyurethane Recoatable Finish


Buatan Malaysia

MCI BENZITHANE 300 is a two pack polyurethane recoatable gloss finish for exterior and interior surfaces where exceptional gloss and color retention are required. This high performance finish has excellent resistance to abrasion, scratches, impact, condensing humidity, staining and splashes of chemicals. It is used as a topcoat on properly primed steel, galvanized iron, masonry, glazed tile and etc. Due to its toughness and excellent weathering resistance, it is highly recommended for bridges, transmission towers, heavy structural steelworks in industrial and marine environment.

5 litres

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Techical Data Sheet (TDS)

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Standard Colours

Also available in White PU9102 & Clear Gloss PU9100

Choosing The Right Colors

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