Features & Benefits:

  • Smooth Luxurious Finish with pearl luster to enrich the elegant ambiance of your home. 
  • Superior Washability promotes clean conducive healthy living environment. 
  • Fungus Resistance as to prevent unsightly growth of surface fungus on painted walls.
  • APEO, Formaldehyde & Heavy Metal FREE without causing toxic effects in humans or contaminating food chains. 
  • Low VOChelps preserve the environment.

Smooth Luxurious

Superior Washability
Fungus Resistance
Buatan Malaysia

BAOMA Nano Wash is a premium quality interior water-based anti-mould hygienic coating that provides a durable, smooth, & luxurious finish with eggshell luster to enrich the elegant ambiance of your home. It is specially formulated to prevent mould growth on painted wall, which is potentially causing allergic reaction and respiratory problem, thus promotes better hygienic environment. It has superior washability & is capable to withstand regular cleaning with moderate detergents. Household stains can be easily cleaned and easy to maintain at all times. It is antifungal and water resistant. Having good hiding and levelling makes it suitable for decoration and protection of interior wall surfaces such as bedroom, study room, living room, dining room, kitchen, ceiling & etc.


1 litre, 5 litres, 15 litres & 18 litres

Surface Preparation:

Ensure the surface to be painted is clean, dry and free from dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants. Remove all loose or powdery residues by brushing or scraping with a stiff fibre brush and clean with water. Areas persistently affected by mould, lichen, algae or fungus must be treated with MCI Micro Kill. Repair defects with a suitable filler or putty. Apply BAOMA Freshcon Primer 1500 / Excila 1900 / Excila 1000 Sealer where high alkalinity is present. Avoid painting where surface is high in moisture content or during wet weather. 

Touch Dry : 30 minutes (depends on temperature and humidity)
Recoating Interval : 2 hours
Film Finish : Mid Sheen
Theoretical Coverage : 8 - 10 m² / litre
No. of Coat : Minimum 2 coats (depends on color)
Application : Brush, roller, air spray or airless spray.
Thinning : Use clean water, dilute up to 5% of water if necessary.


Safety, Health & Environment

Keep container closed when not in use and out of reach of children. Protect from extremes of temperature. Store in a cool place. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. It is advisable to wear eye protector while applying. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. To remove splashes of paint from the skin, use soap and water or skin care product. Do not dispose paint into drains or water courses. Refer to MCI Paint Technical Service Data Sheet for further details. 

Hazard Statement:  This product is not classified as Hazardous under Malaysia’s CLASS Regulations.


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Techical Data Sheet (TDS)


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Standard Colours

Also available in White 25103 / Colors shown are as close to actual colors as modern printing techniques allow.

Choosing The Right Colors

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